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Kitchens & Bathrooms

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Western Lion has been installing kitchens since 2003 from the flatpack variety that is so readily available throughout the UK to bespoke kitchens produced by specialist manufacturers.  

We understand how important the kitchen is to every home and you can be sure that if you use Western Lion to install your kitchen, you will be guaranteed the highest quality installation available. 

In addition to installation, we often get involved in assisting with planning a kitchen, thereby giving you access to our years of experience in dealing with so many different sorts of kitchen.  For the person who loves to cook, we can help you choose storage solutions that will best fit you.  For the person who likes to bake cakes like Mrs D, we can install a unit that can double up as a food preparation area as well as a cake decorating area.  

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One of the modern touches is now to have a family room incorporated within the kitchen setting.  This brings the functionality and design of the kitchen into the day-to-day living environment and provides the kitchen designer/installer with an opportunity to shine - an opportunity that we relish!



The bathroom is a very personal area and functionality is again an important factor. Quality of installation is also key as without it, problems will arise at some point in the future.  Modern materials and techniques give you, the customer, choices that were not available only a few years ago and keeping up to date with these is an important part of what we do.

We don't only design and install domestic bathrooms, we are also very active within the care sector and this requires an extended skill set on the part of our installers.  In addition, we must keep abreast of current legislation in order to continue to provide an outstanding service to our customers. 

So, whether your needs are domestic or commercial, you can rest assured that we will provide you with more than just a simple installation service. At Western Lion, we go the extra mile and the fact that we are an approved contractor for a variety of organisations both local and national gives you the confidence to involve us in your project.


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